5 Killer Twitter Tips: Expand Your Network Power!

*Please note: this post is now more than five years old. Some of the information may therefore be outdated.*

I used to hate Twitter. No, seriously–I did.

Until I discovered its networking power. Less than six months ago, I opened my account. I initially had six followers, most of whom were personal friends. I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out how some people had 1,000 followers, yet only followed 300.

Now, I’ve not only helped build my company’s Twitter account to that status, but I’ve reached nearly 300 followers myself. Recently, I hit a personal landmark: more people are following me, than I follow others.

How have I managed to build this growing social media presence? Here are 5 killer Twitter tips that will help you develop your presence into a powerhouse:

1. Don’t make your tweets about you; make them about everyone else. People are selfish creatures. So, what makes you think they’ll care about YOUR blog post? They won’t. But they WILL care about improving their own presence on Twitter (hey, you’re on my blog, reading my stuff, aren’t you?).

2. Ask questions. If you wrote a cool blog post on how gardening inspired your creativity, your tweet could look like this: “How can gardening help YOU become more creative?” Then link to your post. Questions tease people’s curiosity.

3. Always, always thank or acknowledge your new followers. If you choose not to follow certain people or entities back, fine. Be prepared, they may not stick around. However, they’ll be more likely to keep following you if they see you’ve acknowledged their presence.

4. Be an information forum. Choose who you follow wisely–the experts in your field of practice. C’mon, you know who they are.  THEN, let them feed you information, and you can  tweet it to your followers. Your news will be coming from legit sources, and people will turn to you as an expert in the field.

5. Tweet often, but remember: it’s better to tweet fewer solid tweets, than many useless tweets.

Social media is a time investment. The tools may be free, but becoming an online sensation doesn’t happen overnight. Your community will build slowly, but, it will build. Just keep at it, and you’ll reap the rewards.

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17 responses to “5 Killer Twitter Tips: Expand Your Network Power!”

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  3. Nice post! I still feel like a newbie on Twitter, and so I have to fix my newbie mistakes. Sooner or later, I know I’m going to have to remove all the Spambots from my following list to see who’s real and who isn’t. Kind of scared to see what the actual number is. 🙂


    1. Thanks Scott!! Thanks for swinging by and checking out my site! Don’t worry too much about the Spambots (LOVE that name, by the way) on Twitter. Even if it’s a month later, I’ve noticed they seem to take care of themselves (i.e. they stop following you and filter for you). 🙂 I hope you stop by again from time to time.


  4. Great tips and thanks so much for your Twitter tutorials! In the beginning, it did seem to me that Twitter was more one-way communication. But you hit the nail on the head that in order to be successful, it needs to be 2-way communication. I’ve already seen my Twitter followers increase and I now get traffic to my blog via Twitter. It’s really exciting to see! Thanks again!


    1. Leah,

      You are SO welcome! I know, I used to think exactly like you too. 😉 It is exciting when you start seeing more traffic to your blog via Twitter. It’s a real networking tool. I am so happy my guidance has helped you! Makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside. 🙂


  5. Hi Shari, thanks for the tips. I did not realize that Twitter is 5 years old today ( i follow you on it, so I read your tweet) and I am just getting familiar with it. I do need a lot of help on Tweeter, so your tips and all the suggestions above really help.
    Thank again.


    1. Hi!! To be honest, I didn’t realize Twitter is 5 years old today either. LOL! In fact, I wrote this post almost a month ago and scheduled it three weeks ago. Today, when I signed into Twitter, I saw from other tweets that it was Twitter’s 5-year birthday. Crazy, huh? Thank you for being one of my newest followers!! I’m very happy to help and I’m glad my ramblings are actually supporting you. The best advice I can offer you as a new “tweeter” is to just dive in and use it. Observe what others say, how they say it, and who gets re-tweeted (and why). The more you use it, the better you’ll understand it. 🙂


  6. Thanks Shari for the great tips. Your advice is right on target – bullseye.

    Another thing I noticed about twitter is that when someone tweets ten in a row without saying anything of substance, I have a tendacy to stop following them much the same way as I treat spam in my inbox.

    I’d rather tweet once a week than to bore people with what I had breakfast. However, when my daughter-in-law found out she was having twins…well, you understand.

    I love your blogs and find them very helpful.



    1. Thank you Lucy! What a compliment. 🙂 I completely agree with you on the 10 tweets in a row. I tend to tune those out as spam as well. Sometimes, it will even result in an unfollow.

      I am so happy you’re finding my blogs helpful. Sometimes, I’m not sure. LOL! Very happy to have you as a follower and love reading your comments!


      1. just wanted to let you know…I put a link to your blog here on my website and blog because it is a great LINK for writing.



      2. Oh wow, thanks Lucy! Just went and checked it out. I feel so special. 🙂


  7. Awesome advice, Shari. I, too, was a Twitter hater until I finally figured out how to use it. Now I’m singing about it from the mountain top! Your five tips are perfect, especially your advice to thank people for follows (and retweets, mentions, etc.).

    Another tip I would offer is to use hashtags and keywords in tweets as a way to find (and be found by) people with similar interests. A few I follow are #amwriting #amreading #writetip #books and #bookreview. But there are hashtags for every industry and interest you can imagine.

    Author of the novel All Different Kinds of Free


    1. Thanks Jessica!! That is a GREAT tip, on the hashtags. I use them too and have found that others find ME more easily that way as well. I’m a big one on the #amwriting and #writetip. I didn’t know about #books and #bookreview, so I’ll have to check those out.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading up (and for the contribution to the Twitter tips).


  8. Love the tips, Shari. I was a Twitter-hater initially, too. But, like you, I see the power of networking and have been overwhelmed by the quality of people I’ve met, as well as the supportive atmosphere for writers. It’s incredible, really. The book I found helpful for Twitter tips (recommended by friend Jessica McCann) was “Twitter Marketing for Dummies.” I learned a lot about Twitter etiquette in the book (author is @kyleplacy). Thanks for the great tips!


    1. Thanks Melissa! I acquired these tips from a mixture of training courses I’ve attended on social media marketing, as well as my personal trial and error experiences. The combo of the two helped me figure out how to really build an engaged network on Twitter. I completely agree with you, I’ve networked with some amazing writers and professionals using Twitter (you’re one of them!). The social media platform has truly turned into an asset for me–both on the networking end, as well as the news consumption end.

      P.S. I will check out that book! Thanks for the tip!


  9. […] 5 Killer Twitter Tips: Expand Your Network Power! | Shari Lopatin … Here are 5 killer Twitter tips that will help you develop your presence into a powerhouse: 1. Don't make your tweets about you; make them about everyone else. People are selfish creatures So, what makes you think they'll care about . […]


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