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Nothing is ever what it seems.

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eBook Version Made Amazon’s Dystopian Fiction Bestsellers List in August 2019!

Nothing is ever what it seems in this riveting science fiction dystopia about a future society’s frightening overdependence on technology. A mind-bending,  powerful debut from award-winning journalist Shari Lopatin. 


The year is 2150, and bullied nineteen-year-old Flora can no longer ignore the burning curiosity to learn what’s behind the towering Wall surrounding her home state of Apollo. Citizens still read books, discuss philosophy, and send text messages, but questioning The Other Side is forbidden.

When Flora’s naïveté accidentally reveals a dark secret about Apollo, she’s forced into an isolated web of truth, lies, and survival. Fearing for her life, she leaves behind a clue for her childhood friend, Andrew, placing her last hope in their special bond.

“The Apollo Illusion” is a story for the hackers, the techies, the seekers, and the rebels of the world.

“A dark look at a future more closely in alignment with the present than Lopatin anticipated when she completed the first draft four years ago.” -Arizona Daily Sun

“A completely disconnected and probably schizophrenic society.” -Brad Horner, author of the Darkside Earther series

“Pacey, exciting storytelling with great characters, loads of action, and a super cute romance.” -Lucinda Winters, book reviewer

“The Apollo Illusion should occupy a spot on the to-read list of any true dystopian sci-fi fan.” -John Coon, journalist and author of Pandora Reborn

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