About Shari

Photo credit: Oscar Barrascouth, Jr.

Shari Lopatin writes stories that matter. An award-winning journalist in her earlier years, she now writes novels that tie into modern-day social issues, as well as serialized fiction, personal and political essays, and poetry. Over the course of her 15+ year career, Shari has worked as a newspaper reporter, magazine writer, public relations professional, social media manager, communications consultant, and earned the title of “Cat Mom of the Year.”

Although Shari launched her career by questioning the status quo as a journalist, she now enjoys a quieter life in her native city of Phoenix, Ariz. with her friends and family. This might encompass random road trips to Oak Creek Canyon, Star Wars movie nights, or catching a Broadway show passing through town.  

The best way to befriend Shari is by offering her chocolate while saving an animal. Of course, she can never turn down a good travel adventure, hiking trip, or the chance to make those in power think twice.

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