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Shari Lopatin

I thought this is the best way to introduce myself: I’m a writer … but I think that’s obvious.

I’m also a girlfriend, a daughter, a sister and a mother to a gray tabby named Chester and a snowshoe named Teddi Bear (both rescues!). I’m an outdoor enthusiast and a former dancer. I’ve heard sociologists call me a millennial, but I’m on the oldest spectrum, so I consider myself a child of the ’90s. I started as a newspaper reporter but moved to corporate communications and social media strategy during the Great Recession. I live in Arizona. Don’t judge me. I was born here. But I do love my home state, especially up north.

What Do I Write About?

I prefer to write about social issues that affect both individuals and society as a whole, whether journalistic or creative. I’ve completed one novel and am working on the second.

My creative writing tends to be edgier, darker and sometimes funny. I love thought-provoking dystopias, speculative fiction and contemporary, character-driven tales that move me to tears.

For my writing, think:

  • tech and media trends
  • politics
  • abuse of power
  • broken systems
  • mental illness
  • and just amazing stories about ordinary people.

As for the journalistic end, I’ve written for The Arizona Republic, The Daily Courier, Phoenix Magazine, Latino Leaders Magazine, MilitaryTimes.com, and The Officer Magazine, among others.

I’ve covered topics on:

  • women in the military
  • post-traumatic stress disorder in returning servicemembers
  • Arizona’s broken education system
  • a Title I school football coach’s mission
  • politicians fighting for the poor and veterans
  • the growing threat of cancer in the Latino community
  • general healthcare issues.

I hope that gives you a decent overview of me and what my writing is all about!


18 thoughts on “About Shari

  1. I enjoyed your post on being the chicken nugget! I am really trying to improve my writing, especially my voice. However, I am also an aspiring journalist. Any tips for me? 🙂

    1. Hi Emily! That is great that you’re an aspiring journalist! I miss being a newspaper reporter, myself. I’d advise, in the journalism realm, to make yourself as multi-media oriented as possible (and, if you’re not doing it already, get a 4-year degree in journalism). That is where the need will be in the future. More and more journalists are losing their jobs, as newspapers fold, but the news is simply evolving to become more digital. So, learn as much as you can about multi-media (to include social media).

      As for some more writing tips? Awhile back, I wrote a blog post called, “5 Tips for Engaging Content–Captivate Your Audience!” It might give you some additional tips to think about to improve your writing (something we’re all constantly working on, by the way!). Find it here: http://bit.ly/d6S8w7.

      Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you come back to visit again sometime soon.


      1. Thanks for the tips! I am getting a 4-year degree and I have also had a couple internships. I’m hoping to use my blog as a way to help me and get me more multi-media oriented. But you’re right… journalists just need to know how to do everything it seems. And I’m about to go read that post 🙂


  2. Hello there,
    I’m new to the blog world. Like everyone else I’ve made some New Years resolutions. One of the resolutions is to write more. I really liked your articles. I truly want to stand out like the chicken nugget in a pack of vegetables. Wish me luck. Good luck to you too and all the best in blogging.

  3. As both a fellow writer and cat lover, I loved your post on Chance. I had the Italian version–a lot of screaming and bullying, followed by a kiss. (I yelled at her sometimes, too.)

  4. I’ve had a “chance” too. Nice explanation of what was really happening at my house, or rather the cat’s house. Love your photography as well. Fun visit at your site.

    writer pup

    1. Thank you so much! If you’ve had a “chance” too, you know how much the love takes over your life. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by and I hope maybe you stop again in the future!


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