Content Marketing: What You DIDN’T Know

It’s not just for companies. It’s not just for marketers. Content marketing can be applied to anyone or anything seeking exposure:

  • Authors/writers
  • Business owners
  • Non-profits
  • Newsrooms
  • You name it!

And, content marketing is a GREAT way to increase your audience. Writers, use it to develop a loyal readership. Business owners, use it to create customers. Editors or journalists, use it to increase the number of people reading your articles.

What is content marketing?

For those of you new to the world of marketing, here’s a brief explanation. Content marketing is … marketing your content to as many people as possible.

Content can be blog posts, videos, podcasts … anything YOU produce for people to read or view. e-Newsletters, magazine articles, and even the words on your website.

When you produce content, you want to market it through every channel available.

Here’s the key to content marketing

You want to get the most exposure out of each piece of content.  This means you’ll work smarter, not harder.

So, how do you market content, successfully?

Here’s my philosophy: Every business or entity should treat its website and accompanying social media pages, as a news outlet.

Running a law firm? Your content should relate to updates on the law you practice. A writer (like me)? What’s the latest on the publishing world and the hottest writing tips?

Adding on to that, if you want to market your content successfully, follow these tips:

  1. Get organized and plan. If you know what you’ll write next week, and the week after, you can plan where and HOW to market it.
  2. Consider posting less, but instead distributing your content to more places.
  3. Dedicate time to building a following on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linkedin. Engage with your followers.
  4. DO NOT set your website or blog to automatically post published content to social media channels. Craft witty or interesting messages to accompany your posts, and publish at a time when you receive the most response. (TIP: Use Hootsuite to schedule individualized posts ahead of time).
  5. Have any affiliates or partners (including blogging buddies)? Ask if they’d consider promoting some of your content on THEIR channels, if you routinely emailed links of your newly published work. If they accept, pump up your promotion of their content, as a thank-you. 
  6. Use the “” tool to shorten your links before sending to your partners and posting on social media. tracks the number of click-throughs and will allow you to see which posts get the most traction (TIP: The topics with the most traction show what interests your readers. Write more about those topics).
  7. Submit some content to popular professional development sites, such as Pro Blogger. If they accept your post, market that same content to your channels. You’ll get double the readership!
  8. Aim for quality, not quantity. Bottom line: no one will share your content if it’s badly written or offers poor advice.


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8 responses to “Content Marketing: What You DIDN’T Know”

  1. I have the feeling I should hire someone to market my content. I just don’t feel I can take on another task! 😉


  2. Really solid tips, Shari. I love your posts! Always useful!


  3. Very helpful! Great tips, Shari. Thanks!


  4. Thank you for the tips, Shari.


  5. Looking at #1, I believe that getting organised and planning ahead of time can save a blogger tons of time and give them more peace.

    One can write down a broad topic like content marketing then flesh it out more (the reason being: to enable one write without overlooking certain points). If the topic can be sub-divided into more than one post, then one can writer a series and get people coming back for more.

    A topic can only be subdivided if publishing it as one post can overwhelm the reader.

    I also liked the idea of scheduling tweets using Hootsuite (though I find myself using more)
    Happy blogging Shari.


  6. Interesting tips Shari, I could certainly use a few of them.


  7. These are good tips, Shari, and very important. I will confess that I have a congenital allergy to the term “content” when applied to creative works–I think of content as what is in a tunafish can, not art–but tuna needs to be marketed, and our creative works need to be marketed as well. Thanks for this post.


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