Why Indie Authors Have to Stick Together

I’ve heard self-publishing “experts” say time and time again that no big difference exists between an author going the traditional route or the indie route.

Ahem — I beg to differ.

Therefore, here are the reasons why us indie authors have to stick together:

1) We have to pay for EVERYTHING.

Editors, designers, copyright filing, advertising, and yes, book tours.

2) And let’s just admit it. Major traditional publishers have one gargantuan advantage over us: connections.

Connections to major media outlets (like the New York Times and Entertainment Weekly), to librarians, to book store owners, to distributors, and to online influencers.

3) No one takes us seriously when we’re starting out.

4) Those dang literary pirates want to steal and sell our stuff!

5) We’re a bunch of anti-establishment rebels.

Of course, we take on this load because we have SO MUCH MORE CONTROL. Over everything.

  • Creativity
  • Legal rights
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Presentation
  • Pricing

But man, for an indie author trying to make it, you guys know this is an uphill battle! I don’t care what anyone says, going indie is a tougher climb. And this, my friends, is why we all gotta stick together.

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2 responses to “Why Indie Authors Have to Stick Together”

  1. Great post! I love the control I have over my own work, even though it takes so much time. One thing we could really use is an Amazon-like platform dedicated to Indie authors and their work. If I could entrust promotion to someone who really understood my needs, I’d have much more time to write. Pronoun came close, but they closed up, and D2D isn’t interested. I don’t think the average reader has any idea how difficult it is to self-publish, and it shows in their sometimes merciless reviews! You and I know – indie authors are brave souls…

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    1. Hi Alexander, thanks for chiming in! 🙂 I agree with you completely about the control you maintain over your work; definitely the best “plus” I’ve found. And that’s an interesting idea about the Amazon-like platform!


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