Happy Holidays! And Farewell ‘Till January

Shari Lopatin

No, I’m not saying “Happy Holidays” to appease the PC Police, or to anger the “Merry Christmas” folks. I’m merely saying Happy Holidays because … well, I don’t know what you celebrate.

But whatever it is, I want it to be happy for you, because I’m a nice person. Whether you’re observing Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or just the Winter Solstice, I really, truly, honestly, sincerely, genuinely, humbly, wholeheartedly want your holiday to be filled with love, and family, and friends, and jokes, and a ton of food. Or at least, a decent meal, because I know this time of year, not everyone is doing a-okay.

Also, I hope you have a cool New Year. I’m not going to say “happy,” because of course I want it to be happy (I’m a nice person, remember?). But I also want it to be interesting, quirky, edgy, prosperous, and whatever else you’d hope a new year can be.

I’m offline now until January 2015. But if you decide you can’t take life without my weekly words of wisdom, then connect with me on Facebook and/or Twitter. I’ll post occasionally throughout these next two weeks. 

Otherwise, I hope YOU take some time away from your computer and phone these next two weeks, enjoy the holidays, and absorb life.

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