Is Your Blog the Equivalent to Long Division?

OK, writers … this one’s for you. Sometimes, you just can’t write about “passive versus active voice” anymore.

And—let’s be real here—there are only so many ways to reveal “the secret to getting more comments on your blog.”


My blog stats proved it. They were pathetic. They were navel lint. Which is why, one day, I finally broke:

“F- it!” I screamed. “I’m doing a blog makeover! And I’m scratching all that professional crap. I’m going rogue.”

Today, I’m over at Lynette Benton’s blog, Polish and Publish | Tools and Tactics for Creative Writers. And I’m writing about the transformation of MY blog: “Why a Blog Makeover Might be Just the Thing You Need.”

So if you are anything like me three months ago—ridiculous blog stats and an online platform equivalent to long division—you just might want to head on over and read this.


5 responses to “Is Your Blog the Equivalent to Long Division?”

  1. transplantednorth Avatar

    I always flock back to your posts and I don’t think they are boring. Got a question for you: I am in a HUGE transition in my life (getting my roots ripped out again and going to be transplanted to Detroit!) and need a blog change. I want to start up a blog/column about spouses who have had to make transitions because of their partner’s job relocation. I’ve been told I should just name the blog after yours truly, but I’m thinking about giving myself a new branding name, like “The Trailing Spouse.” What do you think? And… I’m on deadline of course because I file my final newspaper column next week and want all my readers to virtually follow me on my adventure. Would love any suggestions!


    1. Hey! Thanks for your sweet, sweet words (SOOO glad you don’t find my posts boring, ha!).

      Re: your new blog, I think it really depends on your goal with the blog. What do you want to accomplish? If you want to build a community and a following based around a common cause or situation, I think “The Trailing Spouse” is great! But if you want to build more of a name for yourself as a general writer, use your own name (like I did here). I’ve learned that as writers, from a marketing standpoint, our names ARE our brands.

      Then again, Jenny Lawson did a hell of a job with her blog, “The Bloggess,” which gets about 3 million unique visits a month. She gave it a name … not HER name.

      I like “The Trailing Spouse!” I think it works wonders as both a blog and as a column. You could probably take it to syndication. 🙂

      GOOD LUCK! Keep me posted on your physical and virtual transitions!


      1. transplantednorth Avatar

        will do and thank you!


  2. I did read this on Publish and Polish, which I read faithfully every week, and I thought it was excellent. I’d decided the same myself on my blog, which also had stats from the deep lagoon.


    1. Thanks Kenna!! It makes a big difference, doesn’t it? LOL!


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