If you’re gonna hack a writer’s email, at least be grammatically correct

So, my email got hacked this week. Yes, my technology shenanigans continue.

But in a way, I must publicly thank the hackers, because they gave me some seriously positive publicity.

Like making everyone in my network aware of just how QUALITY my work is … which is good, because I recently launched my new business, “Shari’s Ink: Copywriting & Creative Services” (I’ll formally announce that soon enough).

You think I’m joking?

Then check this out (LinkedIn):

LinkedIn hacker convo

And this (Facebook)!

Facebook hacker convo

OK, and here’s one more. The actual MESSAGE from the hackers. Note to them: next time, do a little market research on your target audience, first:

Hackers message

Maybe the hackers could hire me for their next “email marketing campaign.” At least then, their messaging will be grammatically correct and on-target.

2 responses to “If you’re gonna hack a writer’s email, at least be grammatically correct”

  1. Shari, your response to the hackers didn’t give them the response I’m sure they anticipated, and your sense of humor and professionalism shine through. I’m so proud of you!

  2. Ha! They totally should hire you! I got the email and knew right away it was not you. Anyone who knows you would know that.

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