High School Poetry … and Stuff

After three years of living in my house, I’m finally clearing out the stacks of boxes in my extra bedroom.

I know … tell me about it.

Shari's High School PoetryBut whilst rummaging through old envelopes filled with random cards, scribbles and photos, I found some old high school poetry. And it really made me kinda sad. Because I realized just how creative my writing was, back then. And how much more I need to work at it now.

My boyfriend says “don’t be sad.” Because back then, my mind had the luxury of letting itself run wild. Nonetheless, blogs and social media didn’t exist when I was in high school. So I decided to give High School Shari a special treat, and publish some of her poetry, here. Please be aware that I cannot edit my blog’s theme to correctly portray stanzas, but you’ll get the gist:

The Other Side

Dwelling in the psyche of my mind,

Swimming in the heart of my soul,

Confusion overtakes to make me blind.

I cannot find

The cure to my soul,

Never so bold,

To find its way to the other side.

Drowning in the depth of despair,

Choking from the grip of fate,

My being, overtaken by its fear,

It would not hear

My cry of hate;

For Heaven’s sake!

Dear God, where is the other side?

Lost in a maze of pure anxiety,

Falling through the hole of naked deceit,

I desperately search for true prosperity;

Instead find impurity.

And so I flee,

For I cannot see

The Truth in myself,

Leading toward the other side.

A Random Paragraph, Untitled

You can’t say you understand. How could you possibly know … know what it’s like, to stand up on that stage, you … alone—and pour your heart out to an auditorium of people that you’ve transformed, all with motion and music and passion. It’s like, it’s like my heart is part of the beat of the music, and it’s not inside me, but outside me, encompassing me, pulling me with it. And when you’re done, and the lights fade, the audience cheers. No, they don’t cheer; they stand, and scream, and clap, and whistle … all for you, only you, no one else BUT you. It’s your time, your true time. How could you possibly understand that, unless you’ve lived it, lived with it for thirteen-and-a-half years, then not had it anymore?

Sometimes, we don’t realize how much we love something, until we no longer have it. Sometimes, we don’t know how much passion we felt for something, ’till it’s gone. So how—how can you understand it, unless you’ve had it?


Black and blue,

He sits upon

Steps anew,

Shattered dreams,

Hopes withheld,

His time is due.

Lost black eyes,

Dead stars within,

Watch the sky,

Search for worth,

Pray to find

The loveless lie.

Tender hands,

Their touch is numb,

Forever damned

By such hate,

Slaps and kicks,

For help he ran.

But now he sits,

His soul deprived,

He knows of hits,

That loveless lie.

“Come forward son,”

A voice consoles.

“Your father’s gone,

Come meet Don,

And he will take you home.”

(© All works copyrighted by Shari Lopatin. All rights reserved.)

14 responses to “High School Poetry … and Stuff”

  1. Shari, I love this glimpse of your early work, so full of emotion. No wonder you’re so successful now. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    1. Awww, thanks V.V! Yes, I was very full of emotion back then. One word: HORMONES. Ha! 🙂

  2. They are very good…and some deep thinking seems to have been going on at such a young age…Glad you are posting them…~mkg

    1. Thanks Marilyn! It may have been deep thinking, or it may have just been hormones. LOL!

      1. Those hormones do inspire us sometimes! ha, ha!

  3. These are fantastic poems, I love “They Say.” Very true, and especially powerful coming from a high schooler.

    1. Thank you!! I’m surprised you like “They Say.” It’s not one of my favs, but I guess it does have some good points. 🙂

  4. You’re so right Shari … these are quite good. Good for different reasons and good for the same reason. All 3 show your talent(s) immeasurably for certain. Your depth for questioning life and yourself in the 1st poem. Your depth for understanding passion at such a tender age in the 2nd item, the paragraph. And your third poem shows such power for telling the tale one must tell eventually as we all must. Commendable for posting these and yes, Shari, these are ARE WONDERFUL. Thank you immensely for sharing!

    1. Awwww, how sweet of you! Thanks for the immensely kind words on my high school writings! 🙂 It felt good publishing some of them. It really did.

  5. The last poem is sad. 🙁 It haunting. What is it about?

    1. You’re going to kick me for saying this, but I honestly don’t remember. I think I was a senior in high school when I wrote it, which is more than 10 years ago. LOL! However, on the original copy that I found, I scribbled something about “inspired after reading …” However, I never listed the full name of the book-or-essay-or-whatever-it-was. So I’m thinking I read something about a victim of child abuse and was inspired to write “Deliverance.” I’ve always had a soft spot for hurting kids, anyway.

  6. Wow! I feel like you are reading my mind or that we are sisters from another mother! LOL. I used to write SO much when I was a child then when I graduated from high school and begin my young adult life, writing (and creativity) obviously fell to the wayside. I NEVER thought that would happen and I never gave up the dream that I would write and publish my works. Maybe even get a chance to sit down and read again. Thanks for sharing! Your post has inspired me even more to follow my dreams! 😀

    1. Thank you! Wow, what a compliment! I’m so happy that my high school musings inspired you even more to follow your dreams. I once wrote this essay/guest blog called “Death of a Dream.” And it begins: “They say to lose your dreams is to lose hope. And hope is what inspires us to live.” Don’t lose sight of your dreams! If you want to read the full story, you can find it here: http://www.anthemexposition.com/2011/10/death-of-dream-one-writers-journey-from.html

      And thank you so much for reading!

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