Death of a Dream (special post)

Have YOU ever had to bury a long-loved dream? One you thrived on? One you lived for?

I have. Today, my short narrative, “Death of a Dream,” is being featured on the new Anthem Exposition. I have fun writing this blog, however “Death of a Dream” is closer to my real writing–you know, the kind that gets published (some of you, I know, have been curious to read this story).

I’m sure many who’ve lived through the Great Recession can relate. And if you’re a (current or former) journalist, you’ll be nodding your head the whole way through. Take three minutes and head on over. I know you won’t be disappointed.

Read “Death of a Dream” now.

4 responses to “Death of a Dream (special post)”

  1. Congrats on your publication. I’m heading over there now to read it.

    1. Awesome Leah!! Thank you!

  2. Shari,

    It’s lovely hosting you on The Anthem Exposition. Your piece is a timely breath of fresh air–both for the site and for so many who find themselves like you, in a similar career impasse. May they be as inspired–and inspiring–as you.


    1. Renee, you’re too sweet. Thank you! And thank you for hosting my story. 🙂

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