Dry on Creativity? This ‘Art’ Might Help

Don’t you just LOVE when you see an image that makes you want to grab the nearest pen and paper, and begin scribbling?

Or when you hear “that song” on the radio in the car, and suddenly, you think of your next (New York Times bestselling) novel?

Art inspires art. For me, it can be an image, a song, a movie, or heck—even another work of writing. Today, I’d like to share some images (five) that are inspirational. They are beautiful, and maybe they’ll stimulate some ingenious ideas in YOU.

Here’s the disclaimer. The oil-on-canvas artist, who recently graduated Magna Cum Laude with her degree in Fine Art from Arizona State University, is my younger sister, Becca Lopatin:

**All images are the strict, copywritten property of Rebecca Lopatin and may not be copied, reproduced or printed without the proper WRITTEN consent of Rebecca Lopatin.**

You can find more of Becca’s work, as well as her contact information, on her Blogspot website.

SO TELL ME: What inspires YOU to write, or create other art?

7 responses to “Dry on Creativity? This ‘Art’ Might Help”

  1. Wow, your sister has some great talent, and these pieces are just gorgeous, I love the colors! The expressions in their eyes is so clear and she did a wonderful job.

  2. Amazingly beautiful!!! Your sister is very, very talented!!!

    1. Thank you Ariana! I know she read your kind comment and it means a lot to her!

  3. Beautiful! And inspiring. Thank you for sharing your sister’s work.

    1. You’re quite welcome, and thank you for taking the time to comment with your kind words on her work!

  4. What deep expression in these faces! You could fall right into these eyes. I guess what inspires me to write are the conversations I have with other people, my neighbors, my kids, or an old song on the radio. My daughter (14)is an aspiring artist and I’ve been tempted to scan in her drawings and post them in my blog.

    1. Post them to your blog!! I love art and I think that’s such a great idea. Yes, everyday conversations inspire me to write also. Thanks for taking the time to enjoy her art and comment!

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