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  • Writing for the Public: My Key Rules for Success

    Did you know only half of adults in the United States can read a book written at an eighth-grade level? That stat is from the Literacy Project. If you’re writing for the public, you cannot be successful if you refuse to acknowledge that fact. So how can you ensure your writing is effective?

  • 5 Writing Prompts to Make Your Fiction Stories Fly

    Are you struggling to jerk your mind out of the daily grind and into creative mode for some seriously awesome writing? Then here are five writing prompts I developed for fiction writers to help get your imagination juices flowing.

  • 4 Reasons I Love Creative Writing

    Before I was a journalist, I was a creative writer. While I enjoy writing people’s stories, and occasionally aspects of my own, something about unfiltered creative writing really speaks to me. I truly love it. Here are four reasons why.

The Apollo Illusion. Shari’s debut novel about a future society’s frightening overdependence on technology.