A bad gift-wrapping job just means she loves you, dude

Yea, OK, I’ll admit it: I’m one of those hopeless romantics who read historical romance novels in high school where mid-evil lords ravaged the blossoming daughters of their peasants.

Nonetheless, I’m also a messy, untalented hopeless romantic when it comes to anything remotely crafty. Which includes wrapping paper … and that final act of shoving gifts inside it.

No, you pervert! That was not a subliminally sexual message. You shame me.

It was an attempt, in my exhausted state, to explain why my gifts—and I mean ALL my gifts—look like a wad of discarded metal feces.

But for the guys out there, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, OK?

A crappy gift-wrapping job just means she put alotta heart into it.

She loves you, dude. Congrats!

Pinterest ecardAnd sorry to burst your bubble guys, but Pinterest does not represent the majority of women out there. I know, O.J. is innocent, right?

But it’s true … Pinterest just makes the vast majority of us look like unorganized slobs who have no money, no style, and no ability to cook.

So when the atrocious monster of a gift is slid your way across the dinner table during your anniversary, or birthday, or even V-day, know it’s a labor of love. Like Frankenstein. Only more romantic.

On a quick side-note …

I just celebrated my six-year anniversary with my hun this past Sunday. Which, for everyone else, is obviously what sparked this whole gift-wrapping rant. Use it to your advantage.

Shari and Oscar
Me and my man, Oscar

Now girls, hurry and share this post with your guys.

So the next time you present him with that horrific monstrosity of a wrapping job, he’ll know just how much you truly care.

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