Internetics Anonymous—Creative Minds: Beware

The world of psychiatry has a new addiction disorder to jumble our brains even more. And creative minds: beware.

It’s called “Internet Addiction Disorder.” I read about this new baby from an article published by Norton Cybercrime News called, “Is Your Social Media Habit Really an Addiction?

Apparently, if your grades or job performance suffer because of your time spent online, you withdraw from friends or family to go on Facebook and Twitter, or you’re filled with self-loathing for the time spent using social media—you’re hooked!

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that people have the power to broadcast themselves,” said psychologist David Greenfield in the article. Greenfield is the founder of The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction in West Hartford, Conn.

Really? There’s an entire center devoted to this issue? It must be pretty serious then, which makes me contemplate another aspect of our ability to create as writers.

Has the Internet and social media added to our creativity, or killed it?

Hello, my name is Shari Lopatin, and I’m an internetic.

We have alcoholics, and drug addicts . . . and now it seems, we have internetics. I propose, since we’ve gone as far to develop a center for Internet addiction, we take the next step (well, 12 steps actually).

Internetics Anonymous.

As part of our first session, I’d like to ask my fellow writing internetics to consider the following:

  1. How much time every day do you spend online, creating your own work?
  2. How much time every day do you spend consuming or viewing other information online?
  3. After spending time on Facebook, Twitter, or the blogosphere, do you generally feel drained or inspired?

With these questions in mind, here’s my challenge to you: First off, read the short Norton article, as it gives more facts and insight than I did. But secondly, I want you to really consider HOW you spend your time online, and if it’s adding to your creativity, or taking away. If it’s killing your writing libido, I dare you to cut back your computer activities at least an hour a day, for the next week.

So tell me, are you an internetic?

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