So you want me to write something for your page, huh? OH, I heard you wrong? You want to write something for my blog. Gotcha. Contact me. We’ll discuss.

Blogs I’ve written for:

  1. ProBlogger, Guest Post Hosting: the Surprising Traffic Driver
  2. ProBlogger, 6 Key Steps to Build a Loyal Blog Following
  3. The Anthem Exposition, Death of a Dream
  4. What I Saw, Beyond the Beach
  5. V.V. Denman, Are You the Banana in the Purse?
  6. Leah’s Thoughts, Chompie’s for the Writer’s Soul

Other writers on Rogue Writer:

  1. Jessica McCann, Is Your Writing Ready to Take on the World?
  2. Nina Badzin, How to Get (Many) Comments on Your Blog
  3. Lynette Benton, What Are You Willing to Sacrifice to Write?
  4. Renee Ronika Klug, On Writing: Why Reading Matters
  5. Melissa Crytzer Fry, Nature as Creativity Booster
  6. Leah Singer, Perfecting the Chocolate Chip Cookie
  7. V.V. Denman, I don’t care for the word ‘blog’

Expert interviews on Rogue Writer:

  1. Jane Friedman, Q&A: Jane Friedman, Former ‘Writer’s Digest’ Publisher, Tells All
  2. Caitlin Kelly, From Hot Journalist to Retail: Q&A with Author Caitlin Kelly
  3. W. Bruce Cameron, Snatching Success: Q&A w/ Bestselling Author, Bruce Cameron

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