Martin Shkreli Looks Like a Sith Lord in this AP Photo

I first saw it on my Facebook feed today from a New York Times article. And I couldn’t help but notice, Martin Shkreli kinda looks like a Sith Lord in this Associated Press photo … doesn’t he?

Shkreli Indictment Portrays Small-Time Fraud - The New York Times.clipular.png

And considering today is the first FULL day that Star Wars is open in theaters, I call this #winning for the AP!

Why fruit hypnosis on Facebook might just save the world

If you want to try and understand how I come up with half the weird crap I post on this blog, here is a little peek into my daily world.

I might have actually discovered the cure to obesity in America. Seriously.

Facebook conversation on fruit

I rest my case.


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14 Ways to Use Duct Tape that You Never Knew Existed

So did you hear about the man who got duct-taped to his seat on an airplane?

No, this is NOT the start of a stupid joke. It really happened … in Iceland. Seriously:

Which got me thinking about the numerous ways we can use duct tape. Like, for instance, back in high school, the battery to my portable brick—a.k.a. cell phone—fell off. Rather than buying a new one, I just duct-taped it back together and walked around like that ’till college.

Because I’m just that cool.

So here are 14 uses for duct tape that I bet you NEVER even knew existed:

  1. Wallpaper
  2. Household bug trap
  3. Cheap Frisbee
  4. Do-it-yourself bikini wax
  5. Band Aid
  6. Nail polish remover
  7. Car parts adhesive
  8. Fat reducing body shaper
  9. Handmade tug-of-war rope
  10. Lipstick substitute (seriously, try it!)
  11. A ball to amuse your cats
  12. Nose-pore cleaner
  13. Tin Man Halloween costume
  14. And finally … silencer for that “God, shoot me now!” annoying-as-hell coworker

So tell me, what are some ways YOU use the ever-beloved duct tape?

Crazy Sh*t that YouTube Brought Us

Could you imagine the look on your face 20 years ago, if someone said, “Facebook me and leave your email on my timeline.”

It’d probably look something like this:

confused baby

Social media has seriously changed our world, right? Well, after chatting with my boyfriend during my stimulating morning commute to work the other day, we both had an epiphany:

YouTube has brought us some seriously crazy sh*t.

I mean, stuff that would  never have existed 20 years ago. I can’t help but think: has any sociologist considered studying YouTube? Maybe writing a dissertation on it? Because YouTube is the EPITOME of what happens when humans have the ability to broadcast themselves.

Just look at this: 

1. Bickering cats playing Patty Cake

2. A white kid rapping so fast about random crap, my brain’s about to burst out my ears

3. Dance walking

4. A step-by-step on how girls pack a suitcase

5. A goat … yelling like a man

My life has finally reached enlightenment.

I may now die in peace. Thank you, YouTube!

QUESTION: What’s the craziest, weirdest, most outrageous YouTube video you’ve ever seen?