What It Feels Like to Publish Your First Book

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My debut novel, The Apollo Illusionis releasing this Saturday, May 19, 2018. The Apollo Illusion is a YA dystopian suspense for the hackers, the techies, the seekers, and the rebels of the world.

What does it feel like to publish your first novel? As a professional writer and journalist who’s dreamed of publishing a novel since she was a fetus, let me count the ways …


Like skydiving in your underwear. 

Like singing “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift while cruising along the Pacific Coast Highway with your best friend.

Like celebrating the Fourth of July all week long.

Like sticking it to the man (YEAH)!

Like tasting real butter after a lifetime of eating nothing but margarine.

Like the raunchy college party you’ll forget the next day, but wish you wouldn’t.

Like you’re the baddest mother-&*^% who’s ever written a story in the history of human existence.

Did I forget anything? 😉



9 responses to “What It Feels Like to Publish Your First Book”

  1. Pretty cool that you published a book!

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    1. Thank you! It was 4-5 years in the making, so I am pretty stoked! 😀

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  2. Congrats!!!! I know it’s a long road!

    Thank you,

    Jeff “Buck” Barry 901/489-9119


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    1. Thank you, Buck! It is, but it’s worth it in the end!! How is yours coming along?


    1. Thank you so much, Matt! Do you have a book coming out soon, too? Or are you working on your first project (I ask because of your comment, “Looking forward to all those feelings”)?

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      1. Working on my first novel. Haven’t looked into the publishing process yet. Will update you when I get there.

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      2. That is truly awesome! The entire ride, I found, has been exhilarating (from creation to publication). I wish you the best of luck on your debut novel, and please do keep me posted!

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  3. Looking forward to all those feelings.

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