Any Literary Agent Recommendations?

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile … what, a year? … yeah, a loooong while. OK, anyway, I’m excited to announce that I finished my first novel!

Finishing my book MEME

If you’ve ever written a book, then you TOTALLY get this feeling of lunacy. Not only have I finished writing it, but as of today, I’m only 30 PAGES AWAY from finishing my first round of serious edits. Once that’s complete, it’s literary agent time, baby!

I’ve already done some research and developed a full Excel spreadsheet, but I’m writing today to ask YOU something: do you have any recommendations?

My novel is a dystopian new adult fiction book. It crosses the genres of science fiction, thriller/suspense, and general fiction, in the same way as George Orwell’s “1984” or Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World.” If you know of any literary agents seeking these types of work, and you trust them, I’d love your recommendation. Please comment below!

Thanks for your help, ladies and gentlemen.

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