Why fruit hypnosis on Facebook might just save the world

If you want to try and understand how I come up with half the weird crap I post on this blog, here is a little peek into my daily world.

I might have actually discovered the cure to obesity in America. Seriously.

Facebook conversation on fruit

I rest my case.


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6 thoughts on “Why fruit hypnosis on Facebook might just save the world

  1. LOL I would like to know what was censored out. Blue balls, bananas, juicy peaches, this sounds like a conversation someone is having in the bedroom. It might be the cure to something more than obesity.


    1. Hahaha!! It does sound like an R-rated bedroom convo, doesn’t it? I actually just censored out last names and identifying photos, to keep the participants’ identity private. No actual conversation was censored. πŸ˜‰


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