The Most Possessive, Jealous Book You’ve Ever Met

If you’re anything like me, you’re a bipolar book nerd who goes through phases where all you want to do is lock yourself in a dark room with a candle and flashlight … and READ. Then, after two weeks, you miraculously re-appear into the world of the living, and your family grovels at your feet.

OK, maybe I over-exaggerated a little, but you get the point …


Anyway, I saw this post via Tumblr (yes, I recently decided to try my hand at Tumbling), and thought it was way too freakin’ clever.

And if you’re that bipolar book nerd, you’ll totally get this:

Book: I will be one of the best things you read this year.

Book: You will fall in love with my characters.

Book: I’m so good, you’ll lose sleep over me.

Book: I’m part of a series.

Book: So you can feel the pain of a character dying in each book.

Book: I will break you emotionally.

Book: I will make you forget the real world.

Book: I will ruin all potential future love interests for you.

Book: You will be emotionally attached to me.

Book: You are mine.


Yea, I know. You’re nodding right now … admit it!

And for the due credit? Thanks to Confessions of a Book Addict, which originally published this rockin’ post to Tumblr.

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