Writers are Easy — NOT!

Not to be confused with “Earth Girls Are Easy,” a cheesy 80s flick starring Jeff Goldblum that I was THRILLED to find on Netflix … apparently writers are now easy, too.

Or at least, they’re trying to make us easy.

Who are “they,” you’re wondering? They are the companies that want to pay writers a few bucks for thousands of words per day.

Like this job shared by a pissed writer on LinkedIn:

“We are a Web Development/SEO company that hosts thousands of blogs and websites with a wide variety of different niches. Currently we are seeking a writer or two that is interested in writing articles from home and publishing them on the web.

We ask:

  • Be professional
  • Be Creative
  • Have a good work ethic
  • Be able to write 10-25 unique 500 word articles PER DAY

Articles are paid @ $2.50 – $3.00 per article.

We are located in North Phoenix, so you must be able to come into our office 1-2 times per week for a couple hours per visit.

Please send any written work you may have in your portfolio such as blogs you have written for, essays, and short stories.

We look forward to hearing from you.”

Pissed-offYea, F-YOU web development/SEO company!

Yes, I know that wasn’t very PC of me … but admit it. I screamed exactly what you were thinking, just now.

Because, for those who are horrible at math (like me), the above rates equal approximately $37.50 per DAY, for 7,500 words.

I know this current age of technology and web development has made writers like me more in demand … but c’mon guys. We’re humans, too! And hell, we’re far from easy.

FOR THE WRITERS: Have you noticed this type of trend developing?

4 thoughts on “Writers are Easy — NOT!

  1. Funny thing. Writers like to pay their bills every now and then. Not sure how to do that at those (insulting) rates. I won’t even go into all the education and training and experience we have—all for a stupendous $37.50 a day. Almost too good to be true. NOT.


  2. Ugh–the pay scale of the content aggregators is making its way into other businesses? I looked into a few of those services a couple years ago when the freelance work slowed down, and I decided that even if I needed the money, those jobs still weren’t worth my time. I’d be better off using that time to drum up more regular clients who will pay me what my writing is actually worth.


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