14 Ways to Use Duct Tape that You Never Knew Existed

So did you hear about the man who got duct-taped to his seat on an airplane?

No, this is NOT the start of a stupid joke. It really happened … in Iceland. Seriously:

Which got me thinking about the numerous ways we can use duct tape. Like, for instance, back in high school, the battery to my portable brick—a.k.a. cell phone—fell off. Rather than buying a new one, I just duct-taped it back together and walked around like that ’till college.

Because I’m just that cool.

So here are 14 uses for duct tape that I bet you NEVER even knew existed:

  1. Wallpaper
  2. Household bug trap
  3. Cheap Frisbee
  4. Do-it-yourself bikini wax
  5. Band Aid
  6. Nail polish remover
  7. Car parts adhesive
  8. Fat reducing body shaper
  9. Handmade tug-of-war rope
  10. Lipstick substitute (seriously, try it!)
  11. A ball to amuse your cats
  12. Nose-pore cleaner
  13. Tin Man Halloween costume
  14. And finally … silencer for that “God, shoot me now!” annoying-as-hell coworker

So tell me, what are some ways YOU use the ever-beloved duct tape?

11 thoughts on “14 Ways to Use Duct Tape that You Never Knew Existed

  1. My daughters made wallets and flower pencil toppers and sold them. My Dad fixed his riding lawn mower when the steering column broke. He took a broom handle, jammed it in the bottom and duct taped the steering wheel to the other end.


  2. I’ve tried 4, 9, and 12. I think tht airline may end up getting sued because that does not look humane. I could understand having handcuffs on board for unruly passengers, but taping and gagging someone looks like an amatuer S&M scene.


    1. I’ve done 5, 6, and 7. 🙂 I agree about the airline. Will be interesting to see what comes of this whole fiasco.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! Always love to meet new people.


  3. My daughter brings at least three rolls of duct tape to summer camp. She and her cabin mates use them to make bracelets and even full-on costumes. Also useful during color wars.
    I just went to a cardio hooping class and the hooping instructor said if you have some old drip irrigation tubing and coat it with duct tape, you can make your own cardio hoop. If I make one, I’ll surely blog about it and link it to your post.


    1. Awesome, please do link back so I’ll know you posted and can hop over and read! 🙂 Sounds like SUCH a fun blog post idea.

      I contemplated adding “bracelets” to my list, but couldn’t think of the right way to phrase it; so funny your daughter actually did that at camp!


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