I Want Some Gold-Pooping Bacteria!

Yea, you heard me right. Forget robbing a bank. There really are bacteria that POOP gold.

And with this new-found knowledge, I can’t help but wonder: what would I do if I could poop gold? If each time I plopped down on the toilet, it was payday?

It’d be this weird version of Midas that, quite frankly, I could go for right now. Because I’m a WRITER, and writers don’t really make much dough.


But …  back to these awesome, little gold-defecating bacteria.

Not only do these babies excrete the mula, they do it by eating toxic material! You can thank the reputable, respected Washington Post for alerting me to this handy tidbit: “Bacteria that poop gold? Yep, that exists, and it’s in an art exhibit.

It’s art, too? (Laugh) … this can’t get any better.

Well, I take that back. I guess life could get MUCH better if I knew how to get my hands on some of these nifty little money-makers.



3 thoughts on “I Want Some Gold-Pooping Bacteria!

  1. Okay, I recently wrote a blog on What-If stories but this one takes the cake! I love it! I think it’s definitely the premise for a good book! And why, may I ask, isn’t the Obama administration cultivating these precious prokaryotes (single celled organism with no nucleus, sorry I’m a science teacher) to poop us out of a deficit???


    1. Margie,

      LOL! I think you bring up an excellent point, especially considering we’re about to fall off the fiscal cliff at midnight tonight!

      Wouldn’t that be something? If our financial saviors became a bunch of bacteria?


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