Welcome to My New (Crazy) Blog!

Them: “Shari, you’re so weird.”

Me: “Yea, well … at least I’m not normal.”

Thus begins the journey of a rogue writer.

And the phrase that I’ve been hearing my whole FREAKIN’ life. I finally realized that I prefer weird. Weird is better. At least it’s not normal.


Welcome to my new crazy blog, loyal followers! Where nothing is off-limits, and randomness is the doctrine. Yes, this is me, my quirky world straight from my weird mind. I hope you’re brave enough to stick around … and if you like what you see, share my posts with your friends.

If you’re reading this on email, please click through to my blog and visit the new layout. Check out the new “about” page, and tell me what you think (I’m really, really curious).

And do not fear!

I still plan to write about writing. It just won’t be a constant thing. Instead, get ready for:

  • Weird news
  • Occasional outbursts
  • Cat fiascoes
  • Thoughts about my fingernails
  • Seinfeld (I’m obssessed)
  • Anything else I deem relevant or important

So starting after this post, get ready for the new stuff. Get ready for the weirdness. Because I’m SO GLAD I’m not normal.


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