A World Without Twinkies (NOOOOO!!!)

But alas, ’tis the final season of those yellow sponges filled with a taste of Heaven.

TwinkiesCry, stomp, bawl and threaten all you want. It won’t stop Hostess—the maker of Twinkies—from closing its doors, according to an Associated Press article published in the Arizona Republic today:

“The maker of the iconic snack Twinkies said Friday it is going out of business and laying off all of its 18,500 workers after a national strike crippled its operations.

The company, founded in 1930, was fighting battles beyond labor costs. Competition is increasing in the snack space, and Americans are increasingly conscious about healthy eating.”

F- that! Could you imagine a world without Twinkies?

  • Or Ding Dongs
  • Or Snowballs
  • Or Suzie Qs (that is Hostess, right?)

This situation reminds me strangely of the movie, “Zombieland,” where Twinkies have vanished off the face of the earth. Perhaps we ARE approaching the Zombie Apocalypse after all.

So if I were you, I’d stock up. Because the next time you get a Twinkie craving, you might suffer through the realms of infinity … and beyond.

6 thoughts on “A World Without Twinkies (NOOOOO!!!)

  1. Well…….although I dont eat all that junk anymore and havent eaten Hostess in quite a while, its not just the Twinkies and the Hostess Creme Filled Cupcakes going away. Its the fact that it is a piece of Americana that will cease to exist and that is just sad. Just like Kodak…who ever thought we would live in a world with Kodak film!!! Too many pieces of American Culture are going away and it makes me sad.


  2. I haven’t had a Twinkie in decades, but the word Twinkie conjures up so many memories of youth, of freedom to ingest ANY food that one has a craving for, of an iconic image that immediately has an impact of innocence on all Americans, and although I haven’t had one in decades, I just might have to go out and get some just to remind myself of the simple pleasure of a moist yellow cake infused with a scrumptous cream that I occasionally would find in my lunch box (back in the 1950’s) which would then bring an enormous smile to my face. I think I am putting TWINKIES on my shopping list! Forget Occupy Wall Street, forget the 1%, forget the fiscal cliff…… I think “Occupy Twinkie” should be the focus of every American. What is happening to this world?????


    1. So our quest began. I packed your sister and your 94 year old grandmother in the car and we were off in search of the golden Twinkie. But alas, the shelves at Target were bare. We did find a single box of cup cakes, but no Twinkies. I sent one of the workers to check in the back of the store and he did come back with two packages (a total of four) Twinkies. After having cleaned out Target of all their Hostess products, we went to a Hostess outlet only to find a line of customers wrapped around the store and the shelves again bare of Hostess products. But, after dinner, we all partook in the pleasures of Twinkies. Your grandmother had her very first taste of a Twinkie, which she did enjoy! All in all, the day was not a total loss!


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