Publish Your Blog to Kindle! (I Just Did)

So … did you know Amazon offers a way to publish your blog to the Kindle? If you didn’t, I’m telling you right now. I just published mine!

[Check out Shari Lopatin: Rogue Writer on Kindle!]

I mean, GUYS, this is seriously cool. This means that anyone with one of these nifty little e-readers can absorb the life-altering words of your blog directly from their Kindles. They can read it like an e-book!

If your interest is piqued, here is a list of pros and cons I discovered regarding taking the plunge:

The Pros

  • It expands your reach and offers another way for people to find and read you.
  • You get paid if people subscribe! The more people who subscribe through Kindle, the bigger your paycheck.
  • You can reach your target audience more accurately. Writers want to target readers, and Kindle owners LOVE to read.
  • It’s easy. Once you publish your blog to Kindle, Amazon does the rest. Just continue operating your blog, as if nothing changed.
  • It’s freakin’ cool to say your blog is available through Kindle. Maybe you’re not a published author (yet), but you can officially claim to be a “published blogger” … if it works like that.

The Cons

  • People have to pay a monthly subscription to access your blog through their Kindle, even though they can get it online FOR FREE.
  • Amazon sets the monthly subscription price; you have no control. The prices range from $0.99-2.99/month.
  • You make only 30 percent in royalties for your monthly subscriptions.
  • Not even the most popular blogs have many subscribers. I discovered this upon skimming through the Kindle blogs. So this may or may not be catching on yet.

Is It Worth It?

I’ll tell you in a few months, as my blog just published to the Kindle this Monday. However, my personal take is, “YES.”

I chose to take the plunge because it cost me nothing. Zip. Zero. And while this venture may not exactly pay my mortgage, I’m not doing it for the money. I’m doing it for the exposure.

Interested? Here’s How to Make It Happen

  1. Visit the Kindle Publishing for Blogs website.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Upload your blog. Make sure you have a screenshot of your blog, as well as its masthead.
  4. Save and preview your blog.
  5. Submit!

Be aware that Amazon will ask for your bank account information. This will be used to electronically pay you each month for your blog’s subscriptions.

And when you’re done, head over and see mine. It costs $0.99/month. I must admit, I’m very proud!

WILL YOU GIVE THIS A TRY? I want to hear your thoughts! Would you pay $0.99/month to read a blog on your Kindle? Will you consider publishing your blog to the Kindle? Do you think this additional platform is a good idea? Why or why not?

11 thoughts on “Publish Your Blog to Kindle! (I Just Did)

    1. Let me know what you think of it after exploring, Nina! But I agree with you, I’m not sure I would pay either, unless it was something really worth it, like daily posts from my favorite author or the NY Times. You get the drift. 🙂


  1. I sure would pay 99 cents per month to read a good blog! (I already subscribe to about 6 of them). I will say, though, that I stopped subscriptions to the blogs that did not publish every day. I’d get on my Kindle and expect all these articles, when half of them didn’t write a post that day. 😦 I will definitely publish on Kindle, thanks so much for writing this post! It’s something I wondered about even before I started my two blogs! ( and I think Kindle would be a good platform; however, they feature some 200+ blogs, so a blog should be excellent in order to get a chance to be read. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your input! I’m glad to hear that someone would–and DOES–pay to read blogs on Kindle. But I think you bring up an interesting point: you won’t continue paying if you’re not getting daily updates, and the info isn’t outstanding. It’s amazing how much our expectations increase when something costs money, even a $1. So as the producers of that product (in this case, content), we better keep that in mind if we want people to pay to read our posts! 😉


      1. Thanks Shari for your nice reply. So guess what? Thanks to you, I now have my two blogs on Kindle! But one of them has content from someone’s else’s blog – maybe I took my screenprint while I was on my Reader? Who knows, but I have written to them, and hopefully they can resolve the situation. Thanks again Shari,
        Debb (Debbie Loesel Stanton)


  2. That’s awesome!! I hope it catches on! I’ve got a bunch of friends with kindles perhaps I can convince them to subscribe to my blog through it…… more and more people are getting kindles these days, so it definitely wouldn’t hurt to put your blog on it.. especially if it’s free to sign up.


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