Special Post: My New Etsy Shop!

"Saguaro Shadow," © Shari Lopatin, 2012I’m sooooo excited to announce to everyone my newest endeavor: selling my fine art photography!

As some of you may know, while I’m a writer, I’m also a photographer. It was my minor in college, and while working on the newspaper, I did some of my own photojournalism for my articles.

On Aug. 5, I opened my Etsy shop, AZLightPhotography, where I’ll be selling prints of Arizona/southwestern lifestyle, landscape, and fashion. I currently have only four photos posted, but more are coming … as is a grand opening sale.

In the meantime, you can “LIKE” the new Facebook page for my shop, to stay updated as new images are posted.

My Shop Got Featured Today!"Grand Canyon Hotel," © Shari Lopatin, 2011

I also woke up to a surprise this morning, to find that AZLightPhotography got featured on the Julie Marie Blog, as part of her “Welcome to Seller’s Showcase” series.

I urge you to check out Julie’s blog–not just because I’m there–but because her goal is to “get a charity started to help women and families struggling to get by while trying to start a business. Particularly those women who live just above poverty so they are unable to get assistance from the government, but are barely making enough to get by.”

Isn’t that just an AWESOME cause??

Thanks For Supporting Me!

And I assure you, this blog will not change. In fact, I’ll be starting a separate photo blog, which I’ll be marketing in conjunction with my boyfriend, Oscar, and his southwest photography. I’ll let you know when that’s available, too! 🙂

If you like my work (even though my selection is minimal right now), I urge you to share it with your friends, as I’ll be selling internationally. Thanks again!

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