Bring Back the Vinyl, Man!

Vinyl recordsI just bought this awesome new record player the other month, an all-in-one, where you can play C.D.s, tapes, iPods … and of course, those good ol’ vinyls.

However, I haven’t been able to use my new record player until last weekend, when I finally borrowed my mom’s old albums: Doobie Brothers, Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, Mammas and Pappas, Beach Boys. The list goes on.

And as I sat in my living room, tossing my hair around, incense tickling my nose, I had an epiphany: there’s something magical about listening to music on a record.

Where did all the vinyls go?

Bring Back the Vinyl, Man!

As I danced around my kitchen to “Long Train Runnin’” by the Doobies, I couldn’t help but wonder: how would The Black Keys or Goyte sound drifting from my record player?

And that’s when I decided, I want to start a movement to bring back the vinyls!

Imagine dimming the lights and burning some candles while playing “Time of Your Life” by Greenday, or “Dani California” from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Or kickin’ back in a beach hut while “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak spins on a nearby table.

This is a public dare to every record company out there. Who will be the first to step up and bring back the vinyl?

There’s Just Something About Records that INSPIRE

Maybe it’s the nostalgia that they inherently coax from underneath; or maybe it’s the raw, uncanny voices of the singer/songwriter era that whisper to my muse.

But heck, listening to those vinyls makes me wanna WRITE.

And this is why I want record companies to bring ’em back. Like I said, when will I be able to enjoy The Black Keys drifting from my player? While sitting next to candlelight, my laptop computer on my knees, pounding away the next great American novel …

DO YOU AGREE? Would you like to see a return of the record? Do vinyls inspire you to write, or create art?

8 responses to “Bring Back the Vinyl, Man!”

  1. I still have my old record collection and finally got a way to play them again about a year ago. Taking an album out of its sleeve and putting it on the turntable is special; plus, all my albums are old, so there’s all the nostalgia tied up in them too.

    I wrote about re-listening to my Led Zeppelin collection here if you are interested:

  2. Hmmmmmm… albums ( as we call them )! Glad that you got some inspiration from my old record albums! Mom

  3. My son who is 40 loves the vinyls as you call them…and I was just talking to someone …how they brought out the 45’s and had the best time with her grandkids…So I say YES!…we need to bring back something that was simple and made us so happy…My feet are a pattin’ already!

  4. Shari: Thanks for this post. I tried to buy my husband one of these, but couldn’t find one with Cd capabilities. What is yours and where’d you got it? I promise we’ll play our vinyls on it!

    BTW: A few musicians are releasing only to vinyl. Pity I can’t recall who they are . . . ;-(

  5. Hairstyles have always moved in cycles, just like clothing, shoes and eyeglasses. As a matter of fact, everything fashionable has always had a cycle. Maybe it’s vinyl’s time.

    1. Good point, Dad!! I really do hope it’s vinyl’s turn.

  6. Yes! I agree. I was introduced to the Beatles, the Stones, the Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac, America, and my favorite, Simon and Garfunkel, on vinyl. The scratchy white noise is what compels us to write, I think, because it hearkens in us a sense of the raw, of reality, and raw reality brings forth words.

    1. Oh I LOVE Simon and Garfunkel. I just bought a record of their greatest hits, some of the songs are performed live. I LOVE listening to it! And I think you’re right, about the scratchy white noise. I think you’re VERY right.

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