Special Post: Anthem Exposition Seeking Submissions

I’m very excited to have been invited as a regular contributor—or “Featured Anthem Author”—at the Anthem Exposition. And my first post was featured this weekend, as such, “From ‘That Skinny Girl’ to Weight Watchers” (if you want to hop over and read it … I think you’ll enjoy it!).

I also wanted to let you know they’re currently seeking new essays for publication!

And since many of you are writers, I highly recommend heading over and reading up on submission guidelines. I know many of you have awesome stories to share that would fit perfectly in the Anthem Exposition.

And, one more small reminder that I’ll be publishing on Rogue Writer every OTHER Thursday, moving forward. As life allows, I’d like to eventually go back to posting every week. Until then, however, look for fresh posts every two weeks on writing tips, funny stories, media strategies for promotion, and industry news!

See you soon!

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