4 Great Literary Magazines Now Accepting Submissions!

I’m not going to lie. I’m pretty pressed for time this week. Besides fighting off a horrid cold and preparing for the holidays, I’ve been working on submitting my writing to some literary magazines.

And I’m hella picky when it comes to publications.

So … to save on time, I thought I’d pass along the love (and please enjoy some of my nature photography along the way). Below are four AWESOME literary magazines or reviews I found that are currently accepting submissions. And rest assured, these pubs have gone through the test of Shari’s worthiness critique process:

1) Harvard Review

Really, need I say more? I think this one’s pretty self explanatory. Here are the Harvard Review’s submission guidelines.

2) The Boston Review

Boston Review is a magazine of ideas, independent and nonprofit. We cover lots of ground—politics, poetry, film, fiction, book reviews, and criticism.” —The Boston Review … Learn how to submit here.

3) American Short Fiction

American Short Fiction has published, and continues to seek, short fiction by some of the finest writers working in contemporary literature, whether they are established, or new or lesser-known authors.” — American Short Fiction … Submission guidelines here.

4) Glimmer Train Press, Inc.

“One of the most respected short-story journals in print, Glimmer Train Stories is represented in recent editions of the Pushcart Prize, New Stories from the Midwest, O.Henry, New Stories from the South, Best of the West, and Best American Short Stories anthologies.” — Glimmer Train PressSubmission guidelines.

5) (BONUS!) Burner Magazine

OK, these guys aren’t currently accepting submissions, but keep them on your list! I found this edgy, smart, online magazine through Poets and Writers. “Burner Magazine, a digital pop art magazine, aims to take the boring out of the literary and arts scenes, bringing together original and edgy artists of all shapes and sizes … The Burner contributor is a muse and amusing, compelling and never complacent. Burner is about science, art, truth, conspiracies, naturalism, cyborgs, music, beauty, sex and everything in between.” —Burner MagazineSubmit here.

If you’re looking for a starting point to submit your work, I hope this helps!

AND PLEASE, DO SHARE: Do you know of any worthy literary magazines or reviews currently accepting submissions? If so, please comment below with their names and links, and add to this list for the other readers of Rogue Writer!

**All photos are the copywritten material of Shari Lopatin, and may not be copied, printed, or reproduced without the proper written consent of Shari Lopatin.**


Hurry, before Christmas gets here! I’m looking for YOUR story … how did you learn the “truth” about Santa? In 6 sentences or less, email me your tale at s_lopatin@yahoo.com.  This will be for a special blog post running the week of Christmas, and it won’t work without YOUR contribution.

14 thoughts on “4 Great Literary Magazines Now Accepting Submissions!

    1. Thanks for the addition, Beatrice! I will have to check them out. Sorry for the late reply; I’d been taking a blogging break for several months and just now logged into my account.


  1. Another way of finding new ones to submit to is by looking through “The Best American Short Stories” book each year. At the end, it lists all the literary magazines that were considered for those stories. I’m always amazed by how many there are.


  2. Shari, this is a great list, kudos for sharing it. Those are all really stellar publications.

    I’d suggest those interested in getting published in literary journals look at two sites. Poets & Writers has a search engine that allows you to narrow in on exactly the type of publication that fits your work, whether fiction, essay or poetry: http://www.pw.org/literary_magazines Also, NewPages posts calls for submissions, a list updated regularly: http://www.newpages.com/classifieds/calls/ I had two essays accepted for publication in recent months, both of which I found through NewPages.


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