Call for funny stories! ‘Santa’s not real?!’

I want to know: How did YOU learn that Santa isn’t real? What’s your story?

DON’T POST IT HERE. Keep reading, and I’ll give you the details …

I’m preparing a special blog post for the week of Christmas. It’ll be a compilation of YOUR stories, telling the world how you learned that Santa isn’t … well, you know …

How old were you? Did you cry? Did you accuse your parents of lying? Did you refuse to eat? How did you handle this immaculate revelation?

E-mail me with your story!

Please keep it to a paragraph (about 6 sentences) or less. I’m going to include as many stories as I reasonably can. It’ll be hilarious to read! 

Please send your story to I can’t wait to read!

OH YES: And if you have any friends who would like to share their hilarious story, send them this link and have them submit!

4 thoughts on “Call for funny stories! ‘Santa’s not real?!’

  1. During my kindergarden, one of the “super cool” 6th grade girls blurted it out to me like a sucker punch in the school yard. I was crushed for a moment, until I realized how cool my parents were to play the game! All of this said, I still believe in Santa Clause…just not in the same literal way. 😉


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