6 Awesome Writers & Bloggers to Check Out!

Today I have six bloggers and writers I want you to meet. Not only were they the first six to comment on my post this Monday recognizing my 1-year blog birthday (thus the special post today), but each has a unique perspective or style to offer.

I personally visited each of their blogs, read some of their posts, and drafted the summaries below. These are some of my loyal blog followers as well, so give them some comment/subscriber love today! Please, visit their sites and see what they’re about:

1. Blake Dean’s Blog


Blake never sticks to a schedule of what he’s going to post, or when. That’s because he runs things his way, and each post is different from the last. Blake’s blog is a collection of his life events, thoughts and changes.

2. Rub Hub: Tip me or Else …


A fun, kinda quirky, but very real blog about the author’s massage career (don’t you just love the name?). She also writes about her life, her family, and finding herself in-between it all.

3. It’s Not My Thault


Political, technological, economic, and … Boy Scouts? Yes, this blog is run by a student (I’ll admit, I’m not sure what grade–high school or college–but his writing reads like the analysis of a college student). He talks about everything from the Anonymous hacking group, to Egyptian rioting, and the 4G networks.

4. My Sardinian Life


Jennifer Avventura is a 30-something married Canadian woman living in Italy. Wowza! If you’re into traveling and food, you’ll want to check out this blog. Find entries on everything from hunting season in Sardinia to dwellings of Babylon.

5. My First Blog of 2011


Give Marilyn Griffin a hand! This is her first blog of 2011, and according to one of her posts, she may begin another in 2012. Her theme the first time around? “My Experiences/My Special Ed Kids.” Read Marilyn’s unique style of telling stories through line breaks and pictures.

6. Wordsxo


Julia Munroe Martin is a professional freelance writer and editor, and she blogs from the coast of Maine. Why name her blog wordsxo? In her own words, “Wordsxo stands for: loves words or word love.” And that’s exactly what Julia blogs about: writing and the writing life.

8 thoughts on “6 Awesome Writers & Bloggers to Check Out!

  1. Thank you so much for the blog love! I’m glad you like my title because I had to play with it over, and over again, and I just love yours. I really do appreciate it and I know I said it before, but I’ll say it again, congrats again on your 1 year anniversary! It’s hard keeping up with blogging, yet I find it very rewarding having that sort of interaction with your readers. 😀


  2. Shari!! Thank you so much! I had NO idea I made it into the top 6 (in fact the opposite, I thought I’d missed the mark completely!) so what a very very nice surprise. I may not always comment on your posts, but I assure you I read each and every one and enjoy your POV immensely! Thanks again so much!


    1. You are so very welcome Julia! You were the sixth commentor. 🙂 You just BARELY made it. I have my blog set up for the most recent comments to be at the top. Thanks for being one of my most loyal readers!!


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