I’m 1-Year Today! Post YOUR Blog’s Link to Celebrate

Exactly one year ago today (Sept. 19, 2010), Rogue Writer was born. The infant post? Writer’s Block Anonymous.

In all actuality, I first began my blog a few months before then. However, it was something completely different: a gardening blog entitled, Peanuts and Watermelon. I never actually started a garden, though.

So, I’ll cut to the chase. Over the past year, I worked to grow Rogue Writer’s presence. It’s still gaining traction, but it went from no subscribers, to more than 230. So this 1-year birthday isn’t about me.

It’s about YOU.

Thank you for reading my work. Thank you for sharing my posts. Thank you for supporting me by simply visiting my site, and for telling your friends about me. Without you, this would be a very lonely birthday.

In honor of my 1-year birthday today:

Please post YOUR blog’s link to my comments section below. Feel free to include a brief summary of your blog. Go ahead, promote yourself to the world!

The first 6 commentators will get a post on Rogue Writer this Thursday …

… dedicated to them and their sites (one post highlighting 6 blogs and their authors).

This is my way of saying, “Thanks!” Are you ready? Set? Go! …


[UPDATE as of 9 a.m., Arizona time … The first six comments have been posted, but the newest comments show first! So keep posting your blog links for exposure!]

21 thoughts on “I’m 1-Year Today! Post YOUR Blog’s Link to Celebrate

  1. Thank you, EVERYONE, for all your kind comments on my writing, your congrats, and for leaving your blogs’ links on this post!! Stay tuned for Thursday’s post, where I’ll promote 6 awesome writers and bloggers–who were the first 6 commentors this morning. 🙂 And if you haven’t yet, please feel free to still comment and leave your blog’s link!


  2. Kudos on the anniversary, Shari, and what a clever offer you’ve done here with the comments suggestion! You just made me look up when my one-year blog anniversary is, and it’s October 3rd. I’ll have to come up with something!

    For conversations regarding creativity and writing, it’s The Artist’s Road: http://artistsroad.wordpress.com


  3. Whee! Congratulations!

    My blog is http://www.katherinebayless.com. Two days ago I posted my first blog entry that I actually tweeted about–‘What makes a book truly memorable?’ Building my author platform has been challenging, terrifying, and stressful. In the beginning, I hated it! But, now that I am more comfortable with Twitter and have met so many wonderful people, I feel much better about it. I actually LIKE Twitter now! Currently, my big challenge is getting some balance! The social media stuff has REALLY sucked up a huge chunk of my bandwidth! Oh yeah, I have a sequel to get written, don’t I?

    I have the utmost respect for bloggers like you who have managed to create such a wonderful, prolific on-line presence, all while keeping up with a busy career. My hat is off to you. (Well, it would be, if I wore one! My slipper is off to you just doesn’t have the same impact, does it?)


  4. Happy blogiversary, Shari! One year is a big accomplishment. I don’t personally blog, because I struggle to come up with consistent, good ideas on a frequent basis. I know many folks who started off strong with blogs, and then fizzled out after a few months because their well ran dry or it turned out to be harder than they thought it would. So HUGE congrats for pushing yourself and achieving such great results and response from followers who connect with what you write.


  5. Happy one year Blogiversary! I enjoy reading your posts. My blog is : The Turning of Generations and can be found at:


    I enjoy writing about the adventures of turning over the contents of the family home to the next generation. Piecing stories together using what was discovered and then using what I learned to answer questions by further research or exploration of “stuff” from the family home. I also throw in a little photography since that is a passion of mine as well as other topics that would be of interest to a family historian


  6. Happy Blog Birthday! You’ve got me beat by several months. I started sometime in January writing http://www.randomthoughtsfrommidlife.wordpress.com . I blog about Random Thoughts from Midlife. Haha. Themes that keep reappearing are Alzheimer’s, Self-publishing, Gardening, Photography. Otherwise it’s pretty much a pot-shot.

    I found you through Julia Munroe Martin’s tweet. She’s awesome at social media.


  7. Congrats on your one year anniversary! I have enjoyed following you. 😀


    Really it’s just my point of view on whatever. Mainly political and technological, and sometimes both at the same time. I get a lot of hits for my blog about Anon Ops and their DDOS attack on MasterCard and PayPal.


  8. Congrats on your blog being a year old! Here’s mine: http://rubhub.wordpress.com/ I started mine after I had written some private posts on a personal blog and missed that interaction between readers and the writer, so started up the Rub Hub. That is really awesome that you have 230 subscribers, wow! I love your idea to it, “Rogue Writer”, I’d say I was a “Rogue Worker” but I really do behave too much to be that. 😉


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