20,000 Clicks and Some Crazy Social Media Thing

This past weekend, I hit a milestone–and it’s thanks to YOU.

I finally reached 20,000 visits to my blog. I began blogging a year ago, and in fact, this blog’s original theme/title was “Peanuts and Watermelon.” But then, sometime in September, I had an epiphany.

And “Rogue Writer” was born.

So, to commemorate, and to laugh at my mindset only nine months ago, here is a post from Sept. 21, 2010:

This Crazy Social Media Thing


As the old-fashioned writer I am–who has no cable or converter boxes for her ancient TVs (surprisingly, they do display in color)–I never thought I’d say this:

Twitter is pretty cool.

Stubbornness runs in my blood. I’m Jewish and Russian and Polish. My father once refused to take our 13-year-old cat to the vet when she fell over in some sort of animalistic shock. “Oh! She does this all the time!” he said.

Turns out the cat was spiraling into renal failure.

Only by the desperate tears from my sister and I did my dad take her to the vet, who saved her life. Today, I’m proud to report she’s happy and healthy.

But I digress. My natural stubbornness forced me to reject everything social media for the past few years. I’m a former newspaper reporter who finds romance in the printed word. I was convinced (and still am, to a point) that the developing blogosphere is killing true journalism. And I hated social media for that.

If I could be a serial killer, I’d aim straight for the jugulars of Twitter and Blogspot.

Until this past week. Don’t ask me what clicked. Or what snapped. But I suddenly decided I NEEDED to begin building an online presence. As a professional rogue writer, my future depended on it.

So I sucked it up, bit my tongue (maybe bled a bit), and started my profile. Within two days, I have 6 followers, including the possibility of doing a book review. Now, that might sound like nothing, but from 0-6 (that’s right, I didn’t even have a base) in a day or two makes me feel pretty darned important!

Maybe there is something to this word-of-mouth on steroids called Twitter. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all. Naw, I won’t spend my life on the computer. I love nature too much and need that fresh air. But I do think I’ll pay more attention to it going forward.

While I’m at it, I’d better loosen that stubbornness gene, before I let my own cat die of renal failure.

NOTE: I now have more than 300 followers on Twitter, and I just opened my Facebook page (15 followers right now). If you like what you read on “Rogue Writer,” you’ll love the discussions  and posts planned for Facebook (The Onion, Writer’s Digest, and more).  Join me there!

11 thoughts on “20,000 Clicks and Some Crazy Social Media Thing

  1. I was the same as you – Twitter bashing every minute I could … UNTIL I tried it, saw its value for making lasting, important relationships. Not only that, I am so much more in tune with the publishing industry than I ever was. My only regret is that I DO spend a bit too much time on it, in lieu of working on my fiction. Still trying to find that balance.


    1. Same here. I know so much more about the trends of the publishing industry now than I ever did before. Twitter has become such a huge when it comes to planning how to sell/pitch/market my WIP someday. But it IS addicting! I have to force myself away from it sometimes, too. 🙂


  2. Great post! I also was extremely resistant to Twitter but really like it now — especially the connections I’ve made with other writers through blog and tweetland! Congratulations on 20K visitors! WOW!!! (p.s. I’m 1/2 Jewish-Russian-Polish but I never knew that may be where my stubborn streak came from!)


    1. Hahaha! Well, it’s not a given that’s where the stubborn streak comes from, but if you met my family, I think you’d be pretty convinced. 😉 I agree about the connections. I’ve made some GREAT connections from Twitter and the blogosphere as well, including you!


  3. Congratulations on your milestone! As for Twitter, I ebb and flow in my use for it in terms of both reading and tweeting. I love it and then I forget about it and then I love it again. I’m trying to be more consistent.


    1. Thanks Caryn! And thanks for being one of my first blog followers to “like” my Facebook page, too. I noticed that right away, and really appreciate it! 🙂

      What’s helped me stay more consistent with Twitter (as I have the same issue as you), is Hootsuite. And that’s because you can schedule tweets (or really, any social media posts) in advance. So, if I find three things to tweet in one day, I’ll spread them out throughout the week and schedule them using Hootsuite. It’s a HUGE help!


  4. I love twitter. I have about 44 followers and use it to find leads for ideas for my column. I tweet my blogs and tweet my columns from the newspaper I write for: the Democrat & Chronicle in Rochester, NY. I don’t tweet on my every action of every waking moment. Really, does anyone care about that.
    Congratulations on 20,000 hits. I’m getting there with about 19,000.


    1. Very cool!! I’ll have to swing by and check out your columns. You sound like my kind of people. 😉 Let me know when you reach your 20,000 milestone! I’d love to congratulate you too. You’re almost there.


    1. I’ve learned the true test of success is patience, unfortunately my weakest link. LOL! Good for you, stepping out a bit more. It’s a process, that’s for sure. But for me, the more I learned, the more I saw opportunity and grew excited. 🙂


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