Are You the Banana in the Purse?

I pulled a banana out of my purse when paying for a Subway sandwich the other day.

Upon digging around the black hole that is my pocketbook, seeking the ever-elusive wallet, my fingers clutched around a solid object. I pulled it out, ready to pay, when I realized I held a banana before the cashier.

He just stared at it, utter confusion protruding from his eyes.

“Oh!” I suddenly said. “Yea, how random is that? I just happened to have a banana in my purse. I guess I don’t need the chips anymore.”

We both broke into hysterical laughter then. I’d completely forgotten I placed the fruit into my purse before leaving for work. And behold, I discovered I’d been lugging that thing around half the day.

As the outrageousness of this incident died down, I began thinking: How many of us are being the hidden bananas in a purse—when we write?


To understand what in the WORLD bananas have to do with writing, head on over to V.V. Denman’s blog–where I guest posted today. You can read my full post there, and join in the conversation! I’m curious to see if YOU are a hidden banana when you write. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Are You the Banana in the Purse?

  1. I will comment further on VV’s blog. But I must tell you that I read this title in my Google Reader and I knew immediately it was one of your posts before I saw your name!


  2. ha! I loved this post. Its like a wise saying. Be the banana in the puse young grasshopper. So funny!


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