Why do YOU Write? (take the poll)

I’ve struggled this past week. I’ve struggled to come up with a cool, new creative post that also educates.

After all, I’ve been gaining readership and I don’t want to lose my newest engagers now! I posted to Twitter and Facebook, asking my friends and followers what they’d want to read about writing.

And then, this one girl answered.

From Twitter. Her screen name is @Xenani. She linked me to a recent blog post she wrote, “Write for Yourself.” And it got me thinking. Lately, I’ve been writing short stories and my book—I even entered a short story contest through Columbia University’s Literary Magazine in New York.

Yet I found myself struggling with a new blog post idea (can anyone say “Writer’s Block?”). My new tweep reminded me why I write in the first place. I write because I love it. Remembering this simple fact, about WHY I write, gave me the idea for this blog post. Writer’s Block solved!

So, here’s my question to you: Why do YOU write?

Take the poll below, then check the results. This one’s strictly for you–to force you to look deep down and think. And of course, it’s fun to see what others think!

Always remember the reason you first began writing. Reach to those roots when you hit Writer’s Block, and find inspiration!

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13 thoughts on “Why do YOU Write? (take the poll)

  1. I’ve just started writing a blog – and to be honest I’m still not sure why I’m doing it – I don’t really want to be a professional writer (that sounds like far too much hard work!)

    I suppose I could tick “All of the above” depending on how I feel on the day 🙂

    I read Xenani’s post “Write for yourself” – and that’s pretty cool, so I guess that’s my theory for now… just write because I want to (and sadly, no one can stop me!) hehe

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. I just discovered your blog through The Creative Penn–I look forward to following you!

    I checked two: Because I love it, and to be creative. I love writing in general, but for many years, my writing has been mostly corporate/trade. But for the last few months, I’ve been feeling a growing itch to get back to fiction writing. Right now, I’m struggling a bit to come up with story ideas, but I think maybe my creative muscles have gotten a little stiff from underuse!


    1. Thank you Julie, and welcome to my blog! I completely understand where you’re coming from. I started as a newspaper reporter, and now work in the corporate world (while still freelancing for mags on the side). I, too, am just delving back into the depths of fiction writing. I’ve noticed this blog turned into a huge help, especially for coming up with story ideas. I’ll swing by this week and check out your site.

      Thanks for following me! Always excited to meet new writers.



  3. Shari,
    I think the primary thing that you need to do is brainstorm a list of items you would like to teach about. Then think of a fun or interesting way to do it—- keeping your intended audience in mind. 🙂



  4. Actually, Shari,

    Writing was more of a distress relief activity. Just like a Brazilian-Czech writer Clarice Lispector used to say: “I write so I can live, otherwise I’d die”.

    So what first struggled out of my mind, came out into words. Poetry. [And, trust me, I used to hate it before!]
    Strange paths our minds run and rather odd explanations one’d find – if even – for such things.

    In the end two funny things stated happening,
    1st – There would be days I felt so sensible – new thing to me, who used to always be very scrutinously, yet brainily, rational – as to cry by watching a crackers commercial on TV.
    2nd – I found out I couldn’t – after a college B.A in Language & Lit – write a non-under-request short story properly. Only If I had a test or the like.

    Ain’t humans both the oddest and the best things on Earth? G-d be praised!


  5. Thank you Shari!! This post gave me inspiration. Keeps me focused on the joy of the process instead of falling into a wrinkled forehead mania about getting Freshly Pressed!


  6. Shari,
    I checked the I love it box, but that sorta doesn’t cover it all. I also write to communicate what and how and why I’m seeing what it is I’m seeing. Do you know what I mean. Everyone has a different shaped lens through which they view the world. This is what I’m interested it. Also, I recently read a piece by a Rabbi, ( I forget his name, sorry) about writing as spiritual practice. He says you can’t write what you know, but you can’t write what you don’t know, but you must write. This leaves only exploration of what you are experiencing ( I guess). OK, now I’m covered. Currently I’m still working on a piece about a book I’ve read on Goddess worship. It’s hard and I really want ot get it right, but it is taking me forever. Thanks for all you write.


  7. Oh, I like the idea of hearing about your Israel trip. I journaled about my Israel trip (way back in 1996). You just gave me an idea to revisit those photos and journals and write about that. … By the way, the other day a blogger friend was telling me she was thinking of giving up blogging because she wasn’t getting many hits anymore. Of course, I write because I love it and it’s a creative outlet. She was writing for hits. It does make you think about why you write. So great topic!


    1. Ha! Yes, I have some ideas for some stories or narratives from my Israel trip. 🙂 I wrote 41 pages in my travel journal when I went, so I’m just trying to figure out how I want to organize those ideas into some sort of a story. Thanks so much for reading my blog, Lisa! Love your suggestions.


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