Internetics Anonymous—Creative Minds: Beware

The world of psychiatry has a new addiction disorder to jumble our brains even more. And creative minds: beware.

It’s called “Internet Addiction Disorder.” I read about this new baby from an article published by Norton Cybercrime News called, “Is Your Social Media Habit Really an Addiction?

Apparently, if your grades or job performance suffer because of your time spent online, you withdraw from friends or family to go on Facebook and Twitter, or you’re filled with self-loathing for the time spent using social media—you’re hooked!

“This is the first time in the history of mankind that people have the power to broadcast themselves,” said psychologist David Greenfield in the article. Greenfield is the founder of The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction in West Hartford, Conn.

Really? There’s an entire center devoted to this issue? It must be pretty serious then, which makes me contemplate another aspect of our ability to create as writers.

Has the Internet and social media added to our creativity, or killed it?

Hello, my name is Shari Lopatin, and I’m an internetic.

We have alcoholics, and drug addicts . . . and now it seems, we have internetics. I propose, since we’ve gone as far to develop a center for Internet addiction, we take the next step (well, 12 steps actually).

Internetics Anonymous.

As part of our first session, I’d like to ask my fellow writing internetics to consider the following:

  1. How much time every day do you spend online, creating your own work?
  2. How much time every day do you spend consuming or viewing other information online?
  3. After spending time on Facebook, Twitter, or the blogosphere, do you generally feel drained or inspired?

With these questions in mind, here’s my challenge to you: First off, read the short Norton article, as it gives more facts and insight than I did. But secondly, I want you to really consider HOW you spend your time online, and if it’s adding to your creativity, or taking away. If it’s killing your writing libido, I dare you to cut back your computer activities at least an hour a day, for the next week.

So tell me, are you an internetic?

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23 thoughts on “Internetics Anonymous—Creative Minds: Beware

  1. I would say that by the way it operates on us emotionally there is a very strong possibility of having an actual internet addiction (who, me? 🙂 ). And the key for diagnosis might simply be taking a look at withdrawl *pulls at hair at thought of power failure*


  2. I recently purchased a journal in order to manually pen my thoughts(old school) in an attempt to gain the same satisfaction of submitting on wordpress. Penning in my journal is more intimate….however, the work will not be seen unless it is exposed publicly. Voila! Now I will check out your literary magazine suggestions. Thanks Shari!


    1. I completely agree with you on the journal writing being more intimate. And at the same time, there’s something thrilling about publishing it so instantly on WordPress! 🙂 Please stay in touch and let me know what happens with the literary magazines. I’m curious! I think you have a real chance . . .


  3. “Internet Addiction Disorder.” That’s funny, I found another addiction referred to in Wikipedia yesterday “Digital Hoarding Disorder”. At the time I laughed but then I got to thinking “OMG, I’m actually a digital hoarder! Oh well, at least I don’t go home and beat my dog or yell at my kids, or whatever the non-digitally hoarding mainstream gets up to.

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  4. Oh dear! I think I must be one of those. I was addicted the internet from Day 1, but it has peaked and troughed in the years since 1997. The following have been my biggest addictions.
    eBay (addicted to selling).
    Facebook (addicted to all things friendly, gathering friend, culling friends). and my blog (although this is my most creative of the three).

    I’m a internetic. Oh help!


  5. A few years ago, I was a major internetic and have since recovered. But it seems as though I have relapsed. 😉 But I suppose it could be worse. I could be in Connecticut right now with an addiction to making up addictions . 😉


  6. Yeah, I’m an internetic. I’m on Facebook or the blogosphere or whatnot all the time. I probably need to cut back on some of it, like at four in the morning when I keep clicking on the Facebook main page even though I KNOW I’m the only one awake and no one else is posting anything…*click click click*. 😛 c’est la vie.


    1. Haha! Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you recognize you’re an internetic! I tend to hop online when I can’t sleep either, so I completely understand. I’ve noticed though, when I force myself I take a break from the computer, I actually feel rather revitalized.



  7. I have a friend I regularly chat with on AIM or Skype. Sometimes, if I pause in the middle of a conversation, his response is: “Are you blogging again?!?”

    I’d like to think I’m not addicted to blogging, but I am! And I’m okay with that! For the first time, in a long time, I have a brand new hobby which just keeps getting more and more exciting! I can see how you could even be more obsessed with it, if you had the time to really network and advertise your site. I don’t have the time or money for this, but it really would make an interesting vocation.


    1. I completely agree! Blogging can be exceedingly addicting. For me personally, it’s helped me renew my creative voice as a writer. Personally, I see nothing wrong with such a great, creative hobby, just as long as no one else in your life feels neglected for it! 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back sometime soon!



  8. Jesus! That’s the first time I read about the woman killing her baby – its horrible! I suppose if someone is acting that insane then maybe its a problem. It’s like anything, you can drink every night and still function in the rest of your life – it really depends on each individual person I think. I know I’m fairly addicted to this blogging thing but my family comes first 😀
    Great article! Keep up the good work 😀


    1. I know, isn’t that just a horrible story? I thought the exact same thing. I agree with you 100 percent. It’s OK, as long as it’s in moderation. I really like the blogging thing too, but this past week, family had to come first, and that’s why I’m just now getting around to replies. 🙂 Thanks for the nice words, and I hope to see you back again!


  9. Oh, I’m definitely an Internet Junkie~! ^_^ It used to be something I was proud of, at least in the sense I was creating graphics and make shift “web pages” on MSN Groups or even Geocities. But somewhere along the way, mostly the fact that those websites shut down and I’ve been struggling to keep up with technology and suddenly I can’t figure out these easy to create templates or had as much fun opening Paint Shop Pro and spending hours developing graphics and html. Even the option on here to use html has been tricky… lol.

    Instead I’ve turned to things like facebook, I think social media sites have taken over people’s lives. My own mother used to spend at least twelve hours a day updating her facebook and playing facebook games. Don’t play the game but I’ve finally slowly turned away from them and back into the creative side of being on the internet, blogging. 🙂 Still don’t get how to use everything but I know more than I did a month ago! lol. Your blog has really been inspiring too on how to get back into a creative state of mind, as well as organizing things around, thanks so much for that! ^_^

    Keep meaning to send the photos to you too. I have a few uploaded on facebook that I need to organize them and I keep meaning to go explore my work for a few funny to shoot like Baconaze (Mayo with bacon) and go to Powells to explore again and add more photos because they have a ton of weird stuff. 🙂 Like Bacon floss and a toast maker that gives you a picture of Saint Mary (to get holy toast). Anyway, love the update 🙂 So many of us have this addiction but it’s considered socially acceptable and it makes it seem like everyone is on some social network all the time.


    1. I am so glad to hear someone finds my writing inspiring! Who woulda ever thought? LOL! Seriously though, don’t put yourself down for trying to keep up with the latest technology. It moves so fast, it’s almost impossible to do, unless it’s your full-time job. I just do the best with what I know, and I recognize that’s what matters most. You have a great idea going with your site, so just build off that! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my work. Very happy to see you back!



  10. Okay first off, 200 subscribers! That’s awesome! Secondly, I gave this some thought I realized that I come away from my computer time completely inspired. I love reading Facebook statuses and blog posts, always coming away with ideas and I get so pumped up that I have to pull myself away from the computer to unwind. I love getting to know all these people I “meet” online. So I guess that’s a good thing, right? I’m not an addict? Or maybe I’m an addict, but it’s a good addiction — like exercising. Yeah, that’s it!


    1. Hey Leah, thanks! If you’re coming away from your computer time feeling inspired, then that’s what really counts! I think it becomes a true addiction when it begins to take over your life, and you’re not actually CREATING anything, but rather, you’re wasting time online doing pointless status updates and whatnot. So I think you’re perfectly right! It’s a good addiction, in your case! 🙂


  11. Interesting find!

    Omg some of these Psychiatrists/ Psychologists really give the rest of us a bad name =x

    Please don’t let them scare and or anger you. If something gets in the way of your daily life then it’s a problem, simple, but they go too far sometimes. Everyone’s looking for an angle to get published on (as are we bloggers I suppose).

    Love y0ur writing though!

    If you want to see a different side of psychology, feel free to check out Visit W3Schools



    1. Hi Johnny,

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my post! I remember your name from the chicken nugget post. I’ve been meaning to check out your site. I’m actually pretty fascinated by psychology. I was just trying to keep up with the immense amount of traffic and comments from being Freshly Pressed, but your site is on my list! I’ll hopefully swing by in the next day or two, and am looking forward to learning something from you. 😉

      Thanks for being one of my newest readers! I can’t wait to see “a different side of psychology.”



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