Bananagrams: The New Age of American Consumerism

We’ve reached a new height in the age of American consumerism—Scrabble in a banana.

Yes, I found this new gem while stopping at Walgreens the night before Thanksgiving to grab some contact solution. You can purchase this enlightening invention for only $14.99.

Yes, it's true. This is a Bananagram. No, your eyes are not deceiving you.

Here’s the kicker: When I came back to Walgreens to snap a photo, only one remained.

I have no idea what company makes the Bananagram, or why. All I know is that I couldn’t help but stop after glimpsing five oversized, fabric bananas hanging from a hook off the aisle at Walgreens. I had to inspect this specimen further.

Upon removing one fabric banana from its hook, I noticed a zipper down the middle. Intrigued, I gently unzipped the contraption, revealing its hidden surprise. When it opened, a bag full of plastic letters—the kind used in Scrabble—erupted from the banana’s core.

I looked up at my boyfriend, confused. “Scrabble in a banana?”

He broke into a hysterical fit of laughter, as I stood there, stunned, with my shoulders shrugged. “Who would use Scrabble in a banana?”

Then I noticed the invention had a name. There, inscribed onto the side of the banana, it proclaimed, “Bananagram.”


Now I know we’ve hit our peak. We have Facebook, and Twitter, and God bless it, we have WordPress. We have cameras on our phones and phones on our computers. But never have we reached the epitome of our capabilities in societal communication—until the Bananagram.

May it bring us peace and solve world hunger.

11 thoughts on “Bananagrams: The New Age of American Consumerism

  1. Oh, BELIEVE ME~! If you make something, anything, there is always, always, always, someone to buy it~!

    If you’d like a really funny store to check out goofy and weird products (And yes, they have the bananagram there too) come to Portland, OR and go to Powells Book Store.
    Just check out these pictures. (Dunno if this will work but will try) And yes… all these products are FOR SALE~! >.<

    Weird stuff I find at my work (cashier)

    And something I bought at the Salvation Army for a dollar. Who the heck bedazzles a mouse? LOL

    I have more photos, just on my phone and upload them if you’d like. 🙂 Strange things you can find in Portland, Or.~!


    1. You’re probably right, V.V. I actually found out that it came out a couple of years ago and became an international phenomenon. I’ll actually be posting about this as my follow-up. It’s a crazy story!


    1. Hi Tia,

      Ha! I know, right? Crazy enough, the PR manager for Bananagrams found my post, read it, and e-mailed me! She was very nice and as it turns out, the whole story behind the game is very endearing. I will follow up with that whole story as my next post. Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the compliment! =)


    1. Mad, brilliant discoveries, indeed. 😉 We even found a strung-out dog doll with airplane ears that flapped up and down to the tune of a Christmas song. Again, at Walgreens, the same night as the Banangram discovery. Thanks for stopping by and for the nice words on my post! =)


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