This Crazy Social Media Thing

As the old-fashioned writer I am–who has no cable or converter boxes for her ancient TVs (surprisingly, they do display in color)–I never thought I’d say this:

Twitter is pretty cool.

Stubbornness runs in my blood. I’m Jewish and Russian and Polish. My father once refused to take our 13-year-old cat to the vet when she fell over in some sort of animalistic shock. “Oh! She does this all the time!” he said.

Turns out the cat was spiraling into renal failure.

Only by the desperate tears from my sister and I did my dad take her to the vet, who saved her life. Today, I’m proud to report she’s happy and healthy.

But I digress. My natural stubbornness forced me to reject everything social media for the past few years. I’m a former newspaper reporter who finds romance in the printed word. I was convinced (and still am, to a point) that the developing blogosphere is killing true journalism. And I hated social media for that.

If I could be a serial killer, I’d aim straight for the jugulars of Twitter and Blogspot.

Until this past week. Don’t ask me what clicked. Or what snapped. But I suddenly decided I NEEDED to begin building an online presence. As a professional rogue writer, my future depended on it.

So I sucked it up, bit my tongue (maybe bled a bit), and started my profile. Within two days, I have 6 followers, including the possibility of doing a book review. Now, that might sound like nothing, but from 0-6 (that’s right, I didn’t even have a base) in a day or two makes me feel pretty darned important!

Maybe there is something to this word-of-mouth on steroids called Twitter. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all. Naw, I won’t spend my life on the computer. I love nature too much and need that fresh air. But I do think I’ll pay more attention to it going forward.

While I’m at it, I’d better loosen that stubbornness gene, before I let my own cat die of renal failure.

4 thoughts on “This Crazy Social Media Thing

  1. haha…funny, i have a big load of stubbornness deposited in my character account!! If they’d been converted into cash I’d b rich!!! well now I am trying to donate those traits, its like sometime I wish I could sell it on E-bay!!! 🙂 Anyways, your post reminded me the old part of me!!! cheers to you, Shari!!


  2. Nice post, Shari. Boy can I relate. I fought social media for a long time, especially Twitter. It just seemed stupid. Who cares what so-and-so ate for breakfast? But when I finally gave in, I found a whole new world of like-minded writers I never knew existed. If you tweet things of value and reach out to other folks, you’ll reap many benefits. I know I have.

    Jessica McCann
    Author of the award-winning novel All Different Kinds of Free


    1. Thank you Jessica! Sorry for the extremely delayed response; apparently, WordPress picked out your comment as spam, for some odd reason. I just found it today and ordered it “not spam.” I agree, I’m learning if you tweet things of value and reach out to other like-minded writers, you do reap many benefits. Hey, we found eachother on here! What award(s) did your novel win? I’ll check out your work–interested to see what a fellow Phoenician is writing!



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